Video poker is preferred in online casinos because it provides the online casinos a small leverage with respect to winning player bets. Needless to say, players as a result see Video poker fit for play and prioritize it more than any other game.

Microgaming is a software technology which plays an important part in almost all casino games. In video poker Microgaming enhanced the selection of variants and introduced 55 to 60 variations of hands in video poker. Player also gained the fringe benefit of level up feature and as a matter of fact it was also offered through Microgaming as well.

In video poker there are maxed out variations available in single hand and if we look at video poker from level up game play perspective then until this very moment, the feature has been offered through Microgaming. Most of the best online casinos in the world use Microgaming to create content for their website, and this is not surprising at all, seeing how this software is of far superior quality than the others. You can try out some of the best casino games using this technology on and see for yourself why this Canadian site is one of the favorites of many players.

Video poker has become more flexible due to its development through Microgaming and also online availability. Now players have more options to choose from which enhance the video poker experience. Speed adjust buttons offer 3 to 4 type of speed limits. Sound settings have been tweaked and they can be controlled through HUD Bar or panel in the video poker screen.

Last but not the least, more daring players have progressive jackpots available and these jackpots were offered from Microgaming so that highest possible online casino payouts can be reachable. All you have to do is go online and give one shot to video poker and it is assured that, that's all it takes to get hooked to video poker. Its fast, it's easy, it's efficient.