Progressive Casino Games

The details of progressive slots jackpots differ depending on the software provider and the casino offering the game. For instance, some software providers offer a different jackpot for each different casino. Others, like, Vegas Technology offers progressive jackpots that network across multiple casinos, increasing the potential winnings exponentially.

Maximum Payouts

One of the features that distinguishes Vegas Technology progressive slots is the required buy-in. In order to qualify for the full progressive jackpot, the player must bet the maximum number of three coins. If the player bets only one or two coins, then he or she will receive only a fraction of the potential jackpot. Because it is already so hard to win the progressive jackpot, a player could be devastated if he or she fails to get the whole thing because the player only bet one out of three coins.

Multiple Payouts

Another distinguishing feature of Vegas Technology's progressive jackpots is the fact that there are multiple ways to achieve payouts. Unlike many progressive jackpots, there is not just one game and one way to win money. Players can win partial payouts by achieving less difficult matches in various slots games. These partial payouts can sometimes be quite large, depending on how many people have been paying in. Players should keep an eye on the potential pot and buy in when the amount gets to be large enough to be worth the risk.

The progressive jackpots offered by Vegas Technology can add a thrill to many of the slots games the company provides. With so many ways to win, players could easily walk away with sizable cash rewards.